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I've gotten a little farther, and I have more feedback: Don't you think you're curving the levels a bit too much? Sure it's fun to have high levels, but you're not giving enough opponents to let the player reach that high of a level range.

For instance, I've battled every trainer I could find, and I'm at the second Gym. My team is:
Lv16 Sandshrew
Lv16 Mareep
Lv18 Ivysaur

And one of the trainers in the Gym has a whopping Lv21 Ivysaur. That's borderline ridiculous, the battle ended with my Ivysaur using Struggle until it fainted from recoil damage (and his Ivysaur ended up using Struggle too).

I'm not even going to bother challenging the second leader until all of my Pokemon are at least Lv20, since if a gym Trainer reaches Lv21, I can just imagine how high you made the actual Gym Leader...

I haven't challenged David (was that his name?) yet, but Lv21 seems like an appropriate level for the Gym Leader, instead of that annoying Pokemon Breeder. Also, when all of my Pokemon were Lv8-10, one of the trainers had a Lv13 Butterfree, which was pretty much impossible to beat.

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