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Quote originally posted by Chaos Rush:
Here's my suggestion for the Gyms:

First Gym:
Gym Trainers: Lv6-9
Lv11 Pidgey
Lv13 Noctowl

Second Gym:
Gym Trainers: Lv12-15
Lv17 Spinarak
Lv19 Scyther
Lv21 Bayleef

I have not yet reached the third Gym, but I'll comment when I do.
That sounds good. I'll test it out. And thanks for your input so far.

Quote originally posted by demonslayer936:
Played the game and loved it so far. The Gym in the forest was a bit of a shocker when I first battled it. Quick question, when beta 2 comes out can we use the saves from beta 1 or will we have to start over?
I'm glad you enjoyed it! As I said earlier the gym was just an extra to give people something to do after they beat the beta. Also, if you can manage to beat the gym in beta one you will get something special in beta two.

And yes, you can continue your beta one file on beta two.