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Quote originally posted by Starrmyt:
To be perfectly honest, Johnny's first post [yesterday at 8:25 EST] was rather normal.
Quote originally posted by GFA:
For once, he didn't do something wrong though, he was attacked and for a post or two, was being calm.
I'm pretty sure Yuoaman was referring to his earlier posts, not his latest one. He most likely quoted it instead of quoting his other ones.

Quote originally posted by PokemonOI:
Seriously, thats the last time I'm dealing with that here. If it happens again. I'm leaving PC and going elsewhere....but I'll shoot you guys a download link when the full game is done.
I'm kinda tired of being the thread where people want to go to be retarded...With that said lets all that said lets try not to come here and give Malachite the trouble you don't give to the other threads in the GS. If we cant do that Adios.
I'm sorry, but explain to me why you would drop this community over something so trivial? Just ignore the posts, report them, and move on.

I'm going with Steel type.


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