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It's out.

Overall, I both liked and disliked this chapter.

So Ichigo DEFINITELY has longer hair, now. I think it makes him look more badass, especially with the chain around his arm. The guard on Tensa Zangetsu looks different, too.

I like that Isshin has a proper beard now XD. And Tatsuki/Keigo noticing Ichigo's changed is a bit nice, I guess. Not quite sure what it does though XD.

So THAT's where Yuzu and Karin are...

Him and Afro-San's face is epic.

I've checked, Imoyama is just a name Ichigo came up with.

I rather like Ichigo's expression here. I don't know why, it's just that he looks so... bored, and calm.

So Aizen expected more? Then that means that Ichigo has gone higher than that.

"Sensing nothing is impossible" which means that Ichigo must have gone to such a stage, where he is doing the impossible.

And I'm guessing that he's worked out that Gin and Aizen fought.

"I don't want to fight here" a very Goku move.

I like how Ichigo's hand is suddenly on Aizen's face, his expression is priceless.

And flying along with him is hilarious.

"I'll end this in a single instant" I don't like that he said that. He's over-confident, and we know that he isn't going to.

So, next chapter... Perhaps we'll go back to Tatsuki and co. for a bit? See what Rangiku will do with Gin, and if Isshin might wake up.
And when will we see flashbacks to training, or even Yammy? I would like to see the training, and I hope Yammy doesn't happen after Aizen is beaten.
Something tells me that Aizen will transform once more in the fight.

Also, not a whole lot really happened, I dislike that...
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