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Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
Amazing! Still, Game Freak needed to do better with the coding of the routine in the first place, even if they weren't planning on using those variables.

BTW, what would you suggest for a hack of Emerald that's used variables up to around, say, 0x5030? Would you recommend switching them all out (somehow), or will we see a fix in the near future?
Luckily, all Save functions seem identical (with the exceptions of a few pointers), so saving should be easily solved. Repointing variables to solve the problem should also be simple. It's the loading that will take a while to crack, as I've yet to find that function. Also, the new variables will be limited to 0x800 (one block), and finding 0x1000 bytes in the RAM that are free in a joint space should also be problematic.

But, for now, keep using that 0x5030 variables. A fix shouldn't be far out.
By the way, if you can find an empty RAM location with the needed space(should be near the end), it would make things easier.
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