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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I'm pretty sure Yuoaman was referring to his earlier posts, not his latest one. He most likely quoted it instead of quoting his other ones.

I'm sorry, but explain to me why you would drop this community over something so trivial? Just ignore the posts, report them, and move on.

I'm going with Steel type.
Because I've dealt with him like 4 times already and nothing has been done about it yet.....
Originally Posted by Ven View Post
I gotta say, everything you guys say is just giving him the reaction he wants.
If what you're doing hasn't discouraged him from being disruptive before...
I mean, repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insane.

Anyways, I vote for dark.
Dark it is
Originally Posted by HallwayKid View Post
I vote for steel, a type that has grown on me recently. The Game is looking good OI.

Well folks, we may not have anymore steel types in the dex, idk. there isnt another one done at the moment atleast so I'm gonna pic the type.

The GRASS/DARK Type Pokemon!
A Malachite Vet, she's been here for a long time!
But whats even better is that shes extremely strong!
1/3 of Insula's Legendary Trio Pancybloom uses a mixture of grass and Dark type moves. You'll have the option of keeping Pancybloom or the one of the other two after saving all three from their islands. Their islands can be seen on the region map with dotted black lines leading up to them.

Questions, Comments? I'm in a better mood so get it out now!

VOTE DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!