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Though I have included this in my art gallery, perhaps it would be better if this had a thread of its own. Perhaps this, along with the other emerging cosplay theads, will provoke the admins to add a cosplay forum.

I've spent a few months trying to put together a Yami Bakura cosplay. I have never cosplayed before (unless you count when I dressed up as the black Power Ranger in 2nd grade) nor have I ever made my own costume, so this is a first for me.

Here are the pics thus far:

(This pic was taken before I styled the wig.)

(Clearer pics of the Millennium Ring.)

(Not sure if I need to do anything else to this or not.)

The easiest part of this cosplay for me to fabricate would have to have been the Millennium Ring, while the hardest part was most certainly the wig, but I got through it with help from other cosplayers (thank you Trent_Jayir).

It took quite some time for me to find a shirt. I tried looking around thrift stores, but I didn't find anything. I considered making one, but none of the nearby stores had the appropriate fabric. Finally, after at least a month of searching (and even contacting companies like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes), I found a usable long-sleeve shirt on eBay, from overseas. All I had to do was shorten the sleeves.

I would still like to get a classic Duel Disk. A black trench coat would also help with the cosplay, though it's not essential, nor is the blue-green overshirt.

Total cost so far: about $80.


Sorry for the low-quality photos!!!

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