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a Solo Nuzlocke.
Not sure how it would work out.

or maybe, you get a pokemon, the first pokemon you see, and you can only use that pokemon until the upcoming gym. then you have to catch another pokemon and release the one you had before.

for example, in red, you get a bulbasaur, train it, beat brock, catch a jigglypuff as the first poke you see (lucky or unlucky?). You have to release bulbasaur, use only jigglypuff, go through mt. moon, beat misty, then catch an oddish near nugget bridge, and release jigglypuff. and so on. It gets hard after the 8th gym, but at least you can basically catch pokemon from anywhere. maybe add the faint = death rule if youre feeling adventurous. but its not required. myrrhman, i challenge you to do this one!

(lots of grinding)

also, should i make a thread for this one? yes, im definitely making a thread, since i really want to participate. what should i name it?

Potential names:
This gym and this gym only
1 Pokemon 1 Gym
Solo Nuzlocke
Talk to the person running the main thread and he can put in a category in the first post for a solo nuzlocke.

Okay, here are two of my ideas.

The Underleveled Challenge

Basically, no grinding. That means only go into the tall grass to capture Pokemon. If you kill them by mistake, it doesn't count. Exceptions : RSE's Poochyena / Zigzagoon from the start and DP's Starly.

The Deja Vu Challenge

This is a bit harder to understand. You need a game from every region, start at Kanto and go through all of them in order, with the form of the Pokemon in there.
For instance, if I start with Squirtle in FR, then capture a Pidgey and a Ratatta, in my Silver game I'll have to use Totodile, Sentret and Hoothoot.
Of course this only applies to some Pokemon.

Just tell me what you think !
First one sounds alright, but I'm sure you would only have to battle trainers then. Second one you would have to post a list of those certain Pokemon, of course.

Hai people! its your second favorite challenger Redsaber! Now, I just started the Alpha-Fan, and now I am working on the MOST EPIC CHALLENGE ever, details will be released on this thread periodically!

Not-named challenge (codenamed Red Challenge)
Current details:
Will have some RP inputs on the thread
Why do you say that as if this section is famous or something, idgi... You should really read the announcements. I'm not allowing for anymore threads that cover a challenge for all generations. Alpha fan isn't even popular enough to get one.

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