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General Pokemon Gaming Discussion Rules
All PC Rules Apply
- Common sense, really. The PC rules can be found here.

Questions Go in the Corresponding Thread
- If you have a question regarding a Pokemon game, please use the corresponding thread for it. For example, if you have a question about the Emerald Battle Frontier, it would go in the Advanced Generation Simple Questions and Answers thread. Here are the threads:
General Gaming | Metal/Color | Advance | 4th Generation | 5th Generation | X & Y | OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire

Do Not Ask for (Help With) ROMs
- It's illegal to just straight up give out ROMs. Also, this section is not for discussion or help with the ROM hacks that you might be playing. You'll have to Google your answer, as this only covers official Nintendo games. For these cases, please refer to the Emulation section of the forum.

Do Not Ask for or Give Out Action Replay/GameShark Codes
- Once again, please use Google for codes. We're not gonna risk messing your game up. Discussion on the use of AR/GS and opinions are perfectly fine, provided that no one is giving out codes. In addition to this, when visiting the Trade Corner, please do not trade Pokemon obtained with Action Replay or GameShark. It is considered hacked and you can be infracted for it.

Do Not Revive Threads Over a Month Old
- If the last post was August 19th and you are going to post something on September 19th, this is considered revival. If it were September 18th, it would still be able to be posted in. Always check the date of the last post before posting, especially with threads that are a few pages back. If the thread is over a month old and you would like to revive the discussion, feel free to make a new thread. Note that this rule does NOT apply to stickied threads. Also know that the Challenge forum follows a different revival rule.

Do Not "Mini-Mod"
- If you see something that is breaking the rules, do not take it upon yourself to say anything, as it can cause you to get an infraction. Simply report the post/thread and a staff member will handle it. The staff really appreciates it, since it is impossible to catch every little thing.

The Fine Line Between Pokemon General and Pokemon Gaming Central
- Since this tends to be confusing, I will shed some light on the subject. PGC deals with in-game specifics that do not branch out across the entire franchise. Pokemon General can include the games, anime, manga, TCG, collectively, while PGC just remains within the games themselves. Please note that there are anime, manga, and TCG forums on PC. By "collectively," I mean comparisons or discussions of Pokemon in its overall aspects, not just one area specifically.


- If you were to post a thread comparing two or more Pokemon, it belongs in Pokemon General.
- If you are comparing/asking opinions that cover more than just the games, it belongs in Pokemon General.
- If you are posting a thread asking about favorite Flying types, legendaries, etc, it belongs in Pokemon General.
- Theories about the Pokemon world that expand beyond the game (anime, manga, the general world, etc.)
- Merchandise (plushies, figures, etc.)

Do Not Ask For Help With Teams
- For in-game team help, please refer to the in-game team help forum. For help with competitive teams, please use the Battle Center forum.

Do Not Flame/Disrespect Other Members
- Rudeness and flaming towards other members will not be tolerated and will receive immediate infractions. Consider this rule as your warning.

Please Use Prefixes
- Some forums in GPGD use prefixes to differentiate between certain games that are sharing a forum. For example, if you want to discuss HGSS in the 4th Generation forum, use the HGSS prefix, and likewise for if you want to discuss DPPt. If the topic covers the 4th generation as a whole, use the 4th Generation prefix. The Metal/Color and Advanced Generation forums also have prefixes for specific games as well as the generation as a whole (or in M/C's case, gen I and II as a whole). Please use them! It makes things look much neater!

The Challenge section goes by a different ruleset than the other Pokemon gaming forums of PokeCommunity. If you were looking for those, please refer to this thread.

GPGD Navigation
Pokemon Gaming Central
- This forum is a free for all that covers all generations. Includes discussion on things all games might have in common, or comparisons between generations.
Fifth Generation
- This forum houses discussions for the fifth generation, Black and White, as well as their sequels, Black 2 and White 2.
Fourth Generation
- This forum is for discussing Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.
Advanced Generation (GBA)
- This forum covers discussion on Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen.
Metal/Color Generation (GB/GBC)
- This forum concentrates on the discussion of the games that started it all and their sequels: Red, Blue, Yellow and Gold, Silver and Crystal.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these rules, please do not hesitate to contact Achromatic or Peitharchia.

Last updated June 24, 2015 by Achromatic; rules written by Alli.

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