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Originally Posted by 560cool. View Post
I've already made an Underleveled thread.
For the Deja Vu one, I need to think of the lists of Pokemon. It's gonna take while, just grilling the Pokedex and seeing which ones match.
I would potentially help you with this. But as you can see, so many challenges.

In other news, I finally made it out of Rock Tunnel with my Electric Team (Pikachu). Gyms fell fast after that, and I caught an Electabuzz, Voltorb, and Magnemite (and Zapdos the Fly Slave). This means I should be done with the challenge soon! Also I finally have a move that does neutral damage to Rock/Ground types (Electabuzz's Psychic).

Also, Thank you Dragon. Your challenge is accepted. Grabbing laptop now to start on... Metronome Challenge/Weak Run, which will also satisfy the Combined Challenge.
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