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Quote originally posted by r0bert:
first off all those default buildings dont look nice you cant make them longer like that

They can, actually, as they're used as various checkpoint stations throughout the games. [Best example being Saffron City]

But if you're talking about the default houses, yes, they too can be expanded. That's what the windows are for.

Quote originally posted by r0bert:
second the map is waaayyy too big for a town

No, quite frankly it isn't, I used the basic numbers of Saffron City + about 5 or 10 on each side, and didn't waste the space with trees on the borders.

Quote originally posted by r0bert:
third i simply hate those brown buildings with the grey roof and they are too thin

Not entirely sure which buildings you're referring to here, but I'll assume the standard buildings with the Grey roof. I personally don't think they're too thin, but it's a matter of opinion here.

Quote originally posted by r0bert:
but i like the layoutit could use less straight roads but its a decent map

Why thank you I might consider moving the roads around a bit.

Thanks for the input Much appreciated.


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