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I bought the new Nightfall deck and some boosters.
In the booster that came with the deck I got a Reverse Holo Special Metal Energy
In the second booster(also HS: Undaunted) I got another Beldum, Metang AND Metagross(Best pack ever!) As well as a Reverse Holo Shuckle!
In the last pack(a Rising Rivals pack if I remember correctly) I got a couple Pokemon SP.

A couple days ago I bought a tin, the Tyranitar Typhlosion Prime one. In the packs I got a Meganium Prime(2 for the price of 1 ) a Slowking, a Gyarados, a Bill(not rare, but I love Bill cards) and a sick Hitmonchan re-print card!

I'm going to get more cards in the next couple days, I'll post back if I get anything!
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