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I guess you guys have a point about there being a chance of Aizen's counterattack... But I still wish Ichigo would just kill him already.

But you know, I kinda wonder about the Final Getsuga Tensho... I mean... if his reiatsu is "gone" then how will he use a reiatsu based attack from his Zakpakuto like Getsuga Tensho, or FGT?? Supposing FGT is the same type of attack GT...

Guess we'll have to wait...

I'd like to see some flashbacks though, of Ichigo's training... You know, after Tensa Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo fused. XD

Anyway I'm really glad Aizen is finally failing. =P Hahahahaha... ;;

Speaking of "Aizen"... Has anyone seen the user, Sosuke Aizen??? She's not posted in a while I don't think. =P It's been nearly a month. Her last post here was on Aug. 5. =P That's quite a while, for not posting a reason for absence. Especially for a captain. =P I'm sure she has her reasons but it's just something I happened to notice. A lack of an Aizen fangirl. =P (Though considering the events in the recent chapters which I will not elaborate on out of spoiler tags, of course, it might be a good thing...?) I noticed she hasn't even been on PC since the 5th too. Just saying. I wonder if she's okay. =/