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You read the thread title right. I think a main character on the Pokemon Anime should've won a regional tournament.

When I learned that Dawn lost to Zoey, I was devastated that, once again, the main character has lost and actually watching DP 177 didn't help much either. I really wish that she won.

Before any of you reply to say how Dawn shouldn't have won, read the following to see my responses to what you might say. These reasons come from the users on Serebii Forums.

1. If Dawn won, she wouldn't want to continue her journey.

Response: In Pokemon Special, Red won the Indigo League against Blue (Green) becoming the champion. Afterwords, he continued to hone his skills. He didn't travel to other regions until three years later as Gold And Silver hadn't been made until after volume 5 (if I'm correct). He didn't think that his training was over, especially after his run-in with the Elite Four. The point is that even if Dawn won the Sinnoh GF, she'd know that she'd have to travel to other regions to compete in their contests if she wanted to truly become the top co-oridinator. Also if she didn't want to continue her journey, then that would've been fine as she won't be the main character for Best Wishes. Sorry, Dawn lovers, but it's the truth. Also Zoey's continuing her quest too.

2. Dawn could not have won her first Grand Festival.

Response: This is an odd reason as it was Zoey's first Grand Festival too. Going by that logic, Zoey shouldn't have won either. And just because Ash hasn't won a league since the Orange Islands doesn't mean other main characters shouldn't win a different regional tournament, especially if they're temporary for only one series.

3. Winning the GF would've made Dawn a Mary Sue.

Response: A Mary Sue is a character that represents what the author always wished to be and is perfect in every way. Google "Mary Sue Tropes" for more information. Dawn is far from perfection and winning the Grand Festival would not have made her perfect or a Mary Sue. She lost some contests, then won some, then lost some and won again. So Dawn being a Mary Sue is out of the question.

4. Zoey was better than Dawn.

Response: While it's your opinion on who's the better character, Zoey didn't overpower Dawn as Piplup and Togekiss had NOT fainted nor did Gallade and Glameow. In fact, Dawn and Zoey were equal in strength and Zoey won due to a 1% point difference when time ran out. So Dawn's loss seems like the writers wanted her to win but changed everything at the last minute. Also while Zoey does seem more experienced, in Red and Blue your rival's always one step ahead of you and you defeat him in the end at the league. Why can't this apply to the Anime (well, it does for Ash and Paul)?

5. May didn't win so why should Dawn?

Response: Because Dawn is NOT May. That is all.

I would go on but I think you all get the picture.

I can understand if you didn't like Dawn that much and/or liked Zoey better as a character but the reasons I stated up above don't really make much sense.

Finally, I'd like to ask: is it wrong to root for your main heroes in the Pokemon Anime and actually expect them to win? We watched Dawn make so much progression in the series alongside Ash that it'd be only natural to cheer her on. It's like the one thing that's holding them back is their status as a main character. The writers may as well have said that Ash was going to lose the Sinnoh league to us.

Feel free to reply however you want. Just take what you just read into consideration please.

Thank you
-matt0044 (Call me Matt)
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