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Originally Posted by Oxnite View Post
It does. Team Galactic might be gone, but there's a new problem in Sinnoh, though I'm not going to tell what's exactly going on.

Pokémon Platinum is the rom base. The beta goes till Veilstone City. I'll edit the first post with this information.

Please TELL ME how to IMPROVE it. None of them are actually unnecessary in my opinion. And Tyrogue isn't that rare in this game, it can be found in Mt. Coronet. So after catching one, you can immediately evolve it into Hitmontop, ór search for the right gender and then let it evolve @ lv. 20. This is not unnessecary; you can not catch any Hitmonchan / Hitmontop / Hitmonlee in the wild and it's quite tricky to get the right Tyrogue-evolution the original way.

The only thing you need is a Pokémon Platinum Rom (clean and unedited). Everything can be read in the readme, which is attached in the .RAR file.

Thanks a lot for this comment. I used PPRE, which is a great Rom Editing Tool.

I'd like some comments from people that actually played the game and please tell me how to improve it, as well as the things you like!

Thanks for testing / playing!
Whats PPRE stand for and where can i get?