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Quote originally posted by Dj2030:
OK, Let me know what you want and I can put it back Ingame for you.


oh ok
Quote originally posted by xhir:
Are you looking for all versions of WORLD10 Crobats? I have quite a few and they are all Aug 15 2010
You mean they're characteristics? If so, not really
Quote originally posted by Ubermensch5047:
Hi, I'd like your Wish Chansey. I can offer anything from here: (just put smogon dot com/ in front)


sorry its NFT
Quote originally posted by altariaking:
Could I please have these?
Shiny Male Plusle
Shiny Larvitar
Shiny Dunsparce
Shiny Teddiursa
Shiny Slowpoke
Shiny Lapras

Please VM me when we're both online. I may forget.

sure, use my US SS fc

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