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Originally Posted by aquakip View Post

The ID Pokemon
Type: Fighting/Ghost
Ability: Pressure
Its the best out of the bunch, but thats not saying much. First of all, we've all seen putting boxing gloves on pokemon too much already from pokemon like makuhita and hitmonchan. He himself is really just a bedsheet with gloves, not really much originality or personality. Doesn't help that he doesn't have any eyes, which I realize a pokemon doesn't have to have, but I think 98% to actually a 100% of existing pokemon at least have eyes whether they're closed or not.


The Ego Pokemon
Type: Steel/Ghost
Ability: Pressure
Really typical design that I could see in a platforming game or halloween themed disney cartoon/movie. Its just kind of there.

I think it is a good design for what it is, but it seems like a pokemon that had a major feature, and then it was taken out.


The SuperEgo Pokemon
Type: Water/Ghost
Ability: Pressure
I like the dark clouds at least, but really its just a black worm coming out of a cloud. Once again I think a face would help. I also think maybe giving it something to make it allude more towards a water type than a flying type would help.

Obviously you do what you want with your designs, but personally when I design a fakemon I picture everyone in the world being at the same table, and being told to make a fakemon. Then I try to think, what can I do so that way my fakemon doesn't look like the people's fakemon next to me?

Of course if you had to make a red panda thats a fire type, most people would think, "oh It'll be cool if I make its tail on fire", but instead you could have flames from its nose or ears.

I realize this stuff sounds obvious, but it just SEEMS to me that some of you sprites are missing a creative spark.