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Alright, lets put this matter to rest with a bit of explanation, shall we?

I started this project a WHILE back, [mid 2008] and we didnt really have huge intentions to do anything with the sprites at that point, much less a full video game. We made the trio rather early, even before the whole Rayquaza idea came into play. Because of this, we only made 3 ghosts, as they were to be a ghost trio. Our old spriter, DRaB, came up with the ideas of Steel, Water and Fighting, and we decided to give them corny names. We never really did anything with the designs, Aquakip resprited them recently with the same designs that we had back in 2008.

Only yesterday did I decide to attach the Id Ego and Superego ideas to the trio.

I do like The Cynic's ideas, and there is a strong possibility that we will redesign these pokemon.

Stay tuned for a Geography update tomorrow on the first area of Emort which will not be encountered in the demo: Tern City and Route 303.
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