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About the Sideshow Showcase

The Sideshow Showcase is a section where you can post hacks which are not entirely meant to be serious hacks. These could be ‘386’ hacks, mini-projects or even good old translation projects. Along with these rules, you must follow the global PokéCommmunity rules, Emulation rules and ROM Hacking rules.

Thread Posting

Your threads need to have quite a bit of substance behind them, what is needed is as follows:
  • An introduction that outlines your aims and why you’re starting this project.
  • A storyline is completely optional but is recommended if you’re doing a mini-project and not translation or 386 projects.
  • Much like a storyline, features are completely optional; however, are recommended if you’re creating mini-projects.
  • Show at least two screenshots of the changes you have made to the particular project you are making.
  • Faking your edits or stealing anything from other projects without permission is prohibited and will result in thread closure and an infraction.


Threads that do not meet the rules set above will simply be ignored and unapproved. A thread will not appear if you do not meet these requirements. Please be patient about your thread being approved – it is not an immediate process. You may have to wait at least 24 hours before your thread is approved. If your thread isn’t approved, you slipped up somewhere. You may PM a moderator for information on why your thread may not have been approved.


Your posts need not to be generic and comments which can easily be mistaken with others. If you’re commenting it’d be much more constructive for you to offer criticism on the project or to just give the author a lengthy goodwill comment.

Forum Specific Rules

  • Any quest involving regular Pokémon gyms will be deleted. Anything involving regular gym quests are more fitting for the Progressing Hacks and Hacks Showcase sections.
  • If you're translating or 386ing a hack then you must have permission from the hack's owner.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the Sideshow Showcase or its rules contact:


Rules compiled and written by Manipulation.