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Quote originally posted by Black Charizard.:
His tilemap wasn't correctly made and the image insertion wasn't good so read those steps again.
Yeah thanks
But when I make the tilemap in NTME, (once I've inserted it theres still extra space to the right on FR/LG TS :O) is that supposed to happen? Also when I insert the bitmap into unlz advance thing the logo (firered image offset) has different colors to your instead of dark colors I get lighter colours. Same as ดูดดื่ม's second try when he tried to import the bitmap on unlz advance. ดูดดื่ม's picture Same colors as him (different to your screen shot) when I tried to import the bitmap into unlz advance
OK when you import the raw and put you FSF image offset are you only supposed to tick export palette?

I can post many screen shots if you need to see my problem in more detail :D

Many Many thanks

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