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Chapter Three: The Trials

I ran down the labyrinth with Mantyke at my heels, and Sentret on my shoulder. I could feel a few raindrops hitting me through my hat. Things were getting so dark now that I couldn’t even see. I figured that it was starting to become nighttime. Being trapped with not a single light in this labyrinth wasn’t be the worst thing I could think of, though. . .

Suddenly from out of the sky, a large, black, bird Pokemon swooped by. I instantly knew that it was the one that knocked Mantyke and I out of the sky. I could see a layer of red feathers underneath its black down. I couldn’t see much else as it swooped by swiftly in the almost-night air. From it, however, dropped a blue Pokemon. As it hit the ground, I could see it easier. It seemed almost lizard-like at first, but I realized it was a water-type Pokemon when it bounced on its tail fin. It wrinkled its long snout, and shot a black blob that I narrowly dodged by ducking. I knew it was a Seadra when it flapped its dorsal fins.

Mantyke flew right over my head, and intercepted another shot of that ink by taking the hit. Mantyke didn’t have to motion to me for me to realize that it was taking this fight. I ran in the opposite direction as Mantyke and Seadra, leaving Sentret as the only Pokemon with me. I kept running, and made a left turn, getting closer to the City Hall. Who in their right mind puts an endless labyrinth around the City Hall. . ?

As I rounded a turn, something hard rammed into my legs from the front, causing me to fall to the ground in an awkward position. Sentret rolled off of my shoulder and onto the ground, shooting up quickly. Sentret grabbed my hand in attempt to help me up. Then, the blindingly-fast thing shot over me, and grabbed Sentret with its mouth by Sentret’s long tail. The Pokemon had a narrow, white face with sharp, blue eyes. It threw Sentret against the bush wall by squirming its long, furry body furiously. The Pokemon then dashed forward, ramming Sentret with its head.

All I could say was, “Sentret!”

The Pokemon, a Linoone, repeated the attack two or three more times. I couldn’t tell exactly, as I was crying in pain and defeat. I felt so bad for Sentret. Then, at that moment, I could remember how I met Sentret. I wasn’t sure why, but the memory seemed to flood into my mind.

It was when I was a little girl, no older than six years old. My family had just moved to Skiolet city from a small town in Kanto. I was wandering the alleyways, unable to find my way back into the city streets. I was out on in the alleyways for so long that it became nighttime, and it started to rain. I saw a pack of Sentret crossing the alleyway into a different alley, so I decided to follow them. As soon as they saw me, all but one fled by hiding under manholes or inside of trash cans. The one Sentret that didn’t run turned to face me, looking me right in the eyes. I noticed that unlike most Sentret, this one’s chest fur was in a solid circle of white fur, rather than the usual ring.. Then, it realized its pack had fled, and hid inside of one of the trash cans. I noticed this spot was a dead end between three buildings, so I just decided to sit down and wait for someone to come.

Eventually, one of the Sentret, I assume the same one that fled last due to its chest fur, emerged from the trash can, seeing me crying. I couldn’t help it; it was cold, dark, and I was only six years old. It slowly made its way out of the trash can, and stood in the middle of the alleyway across from me. Suddenly, from around the corner of the last alley emerged a large, dog-like Pokemon with tufts of black, gnarly fur. It was a Mightyena, and it didn’t look happy. I think we were on its turf or something. The Mightyena dashed at me, but I didn’t move. I was frozen in fear. Then, that same Sentret lunged forward as the Mightyena passed it, slamming into it headfirst and knocking it into a wall. The Mightyena retaliated with the same maneuver as Linoone was pulling; grabbing Sentret with its teeth, slamming it up against the wall, and head-butting it while it was against the wall. But, from out of nowhere, the pack of Sentret swarmed the Mightyena, attacking it nonstop until it fled. If it weren’t for that one Sentret, I would’ve been a Mightyena’s midnight snack for sure.

Although the other Sentret were unwilling to help me, this other Sentret allowed me to follow it to the city streets. So I did. And while on our way, I saw a small, pink Pokemon curled up on a trash can lid that was shivering and cold. It resembled a cat of sorts, and had a long, slender tail. The small Pokemon looked up at me wearily, crying “Mew” in a barely-audible tone. Sentret jumped up to the trash can lid, and analyzed the so-called Mew, looking at me worriedly when it was done. It was clear as day that the little Pokemon was sick. I grabbed Mew, feeling that its body was almost ice-cold. I tucked it into my arms, and walked after Sentret on my way home.

When I finally did arrive home, my mother wouldn’t allow Sentret or Mew into our home, claiming that they were ‘dirty alley Pokemon.’ I managed to sneak both Mew and Sentret into my room, and I took care of Mew by feeding it and keeping it warm. Sentret also helped me, apparently worried about this Mew. This happened for a few days, as my mother never goes into my room. On the seventh day, Mew seemed to be almost back to full health. On that eighth day, though, Mew had mysteriously vanished. Sentret was still asleep when I woke up, but Mew was just gone.

After that, I tried returning Sentret to the alleyway. When we got back to the Sentret pack’s domain, Sentret had a little conversation with the rest of the pack, but I could only tell that they were saying “Sentret.” After a few moments, Sentret looked at me with a sad look, and I realized that the Sentret pack was going to leave town. I don’t think the rest of the pack liked me, so they wanted to leave or something. I didn’t know; I don’t speak Pokemon. So, Sentret left with its pack, and I returned home, with no Pokemon to call my own.

Two years later, when I was eight, a similar thing happened. I was on my way back home from kindergarten, when I saw a commotion going on in that same dead-end alleyway. I saw this tall, scary purple Pokemon with a long, slender tail. It turned to me, as its sharp eyes lit up a bright blue. It had this humanoid appearance about it, seeing as how I thought it was a person at first glance. It waved its three fingers in the air, creating a bright flash, and vanishing before my eyes. I could only assume that it was somehow connected to Mew based on how it looked. It was then that I realized there was an injured Pokemon on some trash can lids. As I approached it, it seemed to be none other than a Sentret. Somehow, it was the same Sentret, as it had the solid white circle of fur on its stomach rather than a ring. I assumed that this Sentret had been on its way back to the city for some reason, and that the other, Mew-like Pokemon had harmed it. After that, I took Sentret in, finally winning the argument against my mother and keeping the Sentret as my own Pokemon.

I don’t know why I remembered that moment out of nowhere. It wasn’t as if I had forgotten it, but it seemed something had sent me these memories. My attention returned to the battle against Sentret and Linoone. If you could even call it a battle. Then, I heard a familiar, shrill cry from seemingly all around. I looked around, but didn’t see anything. Then, I looked up to see a small object flying through the sky. As it approached, I realized it was the same Pokemon from my memory; it was a Mew. The Mew dropped down to its feet between the Linoone and my Sentret. The Linoone didn’t seemed phased by this intrusion, and dashed forward to attack Mew. Mew, however, lit up a bright blue, and the Linoone lit up similarly. The Mew cocked its head as if unaware of itself using its psychic power as Linoone was sent hurdling into the air. I didn’t hear it hit the ground after Mew flung it.

“M-Mew!?” was all I could exclaim. I had no clue of Mew’s powers. Beside, I hadn’t seen it in nine years.

“M-Mew!” Mew seemed to mimic happily. It’s eyes closed blissfully, and it floated around me childishly, tugging at my hat and chasing its own tail. I wasn’t amazed for long, as the Pokemon that governed the air made its reappearance. The large bird Pokemon, which I finally realized was a Honchkrow, landed heavily on the ground. It opened its wings, seeming ready to attack Mew. Sentret jumped in front of Mew, ready to take Honchkrow on in Mew’s stead. Mew put its paw on Sentret’s shoulder, as if telling Sentret that it was unnecessary. Mew floated forward, when suddenly Honchkrow lunged forward with a Drill Peck aimed directly at Mew. I flinched, realizing that a direct Drill Peck could be fatal. However, when I looked again, a pink orb formed around Mew. An energy coursed from the bubble through Honchkrow, shocking it and causing it to drop unconsciously to the ground. Sentret then collapsed out of fatigue.

I picked Sentret up and took off my hat. Sentret fit perfectly in my hat, allowing me to carry it with ease. Sentret looked wearily up at me.

“It’s okay, baby,” I cooed. Sentret closed its eyes to get some rest. I looked at Mew. “Where do we go?” I asked, as if it would understand me. As if. The Mew looked childishly at me, tilting its head in apparent confusion. I rolled my eyes, and started running the opposite direction, when suddenly I felt my body lift off of the ground. I stopped running, feeling myself go higher into the air, until I was above the complexity of bushes. I realized it would’ve taken me perhaps days to figure my way through this. I looked at my arm, which was covered by a sort of ghostly, blue aura. I looked at Mew, who flew around me, and I realized that Mew was lifting me through the air with its psychic powers.

After a few moments, we reached the City Hall. Like the library, it was a Victorian-styled building, only much, much larger. We came down in front of the building in the main plaza. Mew floated around my head as I entered the huge building, the tall door creaking as I opened it.

As I entered, the ceiling’s stadium lights flashed on, causing me to squint from being out in the dark. I scanned the building with my eyes, as I realized that the entire building was a single room. In fact, it seemed to be a large courtroom. Mew floated to the corner of the room, and circled a statue ominously. I walked over to it, and looked at the statue. It seemed very familiar, as if I had seen it before. Then, it hit me. It was the same kind of statue that I saw when I was younger than six years old, when I still lived in Kanto. It was a gym statue, having the shape of a Pokemon on the top of a large pedestal. There was no way I could remember something like that from so long ago. I still think it was Mew helping me remember these things. I shrugged off the feeling, and pushed the statue, but it didn’t budge. It was no use, as I didn’t have the strength to move it. Then, I remembered something. I looked at Sentret, which was still inside of my hat.

“Sentret, do you think you could use Strength attack?” I asked. Sentret slowly stood up, and nodded wearily. I was a bit worried about Sentret over exerting itself, but I knew something important was underneath this statue. Sentret started to push on the statue with little effect, as I had previously done. Suddenly, Sentret lit up a bright white light. Mew looked questionably at Sentret as the giant statue began to move. Finally, the gym statue was out of the way, and I walked over to investigate what was underneath the spot. It was a very small, narrow downward staircase. I grabbed Sentret, and accessed the passageway. It wasn’t any worse than the sewer passageway, including the fact that it didn’t smell like rotting. . . things. Finally, I reached the bottom into a wider passageway that was very advanced looking, with panel lights built into the ceiling. Huge tubes full of green liquid emanated with a dim glow as I walked by them. I regret looking into them, however, seeing what looked like fetuses of some kind in each one. I kept going, entering a different room. Inside of this room was a gigantic tube filled with a similar, green liquid. There were numerous desks covered with computers around the gigantic tube.

Inside of the tube was a gargantuan creature with a large, flat head. It jerked quickly, the tentacle-like appendages hanging off of its repulsive face thrusting uncontrollably. The thing seemed to have a miniature spasm, flailing its right arm. I realized that it only had one arm; the other side where a left arm would be was replaced by numerous tentacles. The thing didn’t have feet, I noticed. Instead, like its left side, it had vein-like tentacles that pulsated.

Disgusted by the mere sight of this creature, I almost lost the contents in my stomach and fell to my hands and knees. In fact, I probably would have if it weren’t for two things. Firstly, I hadn’t eaten in hours. Secondly, I heard a deep, familiar voice at that moment. I looked up to see a silhouette of a tall person, with two Pokemon next to him. As the man stepped out into the light, I knew it was Cenard. He looked pretty roughed up, and his Marowak and Umbreon looked very uneasily at him.

“Little girl, it is unsafe for you to be here,” Cenard said emotionless. I stood up and faced Cenard.

“Cenard, it’s me. . . it’s me, Dakota.”

He looked at me blankly, as if uncaring about what I said. “It is unsafe for you to be here, little girl,” was all he said. I ran at Cenard, and stood right in front of him. I looked up at him, unable to see his eyes from the glare in his wire frame glasses.

“Cenard!” I shouted, feeling tears well up in my eyes.

“Little girl –“ Cenard started, but I fell into him, and cried into his arms as he caught me. I couldn’t stand the fact that he didn’t recognize me, and I didn’t want to just give up. Then, I felt him go limp, and we both fell to the floor. “. . .uh?” I heard Cenard mutter.

I stood up slowly, seeing Cenard stirring, as if awaking from a deep sleep. Suddenly, I saw a shadow of something exit his body from his back. Both Cenard’s Marowak and Umbreon eyed this shadowy thing as it materialized, revealing that one eyed Pokemon. . .

“Good job, Dusclops,” I heard another voice say. The shadowy Pokemon emerged from the shadows, piercing me with its single, red eye. Cenard slowly stood up, and Marowak and Umbreon helped him up. From the shadows emerged another man. He ran a finger coolly through his spiked, brown hair, and looked around. I knew who this man was, I just couldn’t put my finger on who exactly it was.

“I apologize for my interruption, but I must introduce myself. My name is Adam Swane, but you may just call me Mayor,” the man said as he shuffled arrogantly in his fancy suit.

“What am I doing here?” I heard Cenard say to himself. His voice echoed throughout the room.

“Ah, I see your friend here has recovered from my Dusclops’s curse. You know, he really gave my guards one heck of a time. He’s got some potential as a battler,” Adam said as he looked at his fingers, which were curled into his palm in a feminine gesture.

“What’s all of this about!” I shouted, hearing my voice echo throughout the room. I sounded surprisingly small, almost weak. Adam laughed, his voice echoing the room as mine had done, only with power and determination.

“I shouldn’t be the one answering questions! In fact, I should be the one asking why you’re here,” Adam said with an intimidating tone. From the shadows behind him emerged another one of his Pokemon; this time, his Toxicroak emerged. It dawned on me that these were the Pokemon that I saw in the labyrinth. That could only mean. . .

“Dammit, Swane! Your guards attacked me! You have to tell them to back off!” Cenard shouted. I knew he was back to his old self again. However, I had never seen him so pissed off in my life.

“Tell them to back off? Why do that when I ordered them to assault in the first place?” Adam asked arrogantly, adding a sarcastic laugh at the end. At that moment, I think Cenard’s patience broke, as he charged right at Adam. Suddenly, from the shadows behind Adam, a blob of a black substance launched right at Cenard, knocking him backward when it hit him despite his full-throttle speed. He landed on his rear, covered in an inky substance. From the shadows behind Adam emerged another Pokemon, this time it was the same Seadra I had seen in the maze.

“I’ll tell you what ‘all of this is about’ while you’re down here. It’s not like you’ll be able to leave here when I’m done with you anyway. You see, I’m looking for this rare Pokemon, called Mew. . .” Adam started.

“Mew!!” I heard Mew call out from behind me in a playful tone, as if mimicking Adam. I realized Mew was hiding behind me the whole time. Mew popped up from behind me, and looked playfully at Adam.

“Mew! That’s it! Dusclops, use Mean Look!” Adam shouted all of a sudden. Dusclops lit up a bright red, as did its eye. Mew was engulfed by a red aura. Mew didn’t seem all that affected by the attack, whatever it was. Mew floated around, when suddenly, the Toxicroak lunged forward at Mew. The Toxicroak was only inches away from Mew when it hit an apparently-invisible forcefield, and bounced off. Mew looked playfully at Toxicroak, as it used Psychic to lift it into the air and flung it around as if it were a plaything. Suddenly, the Seadra shot another blast of ink, this time at Mew. The ball of ink exploded on the force-field of Mew’s, causing Mew to drop Toxicroak. Toxicroak fell to the ground, unconscious from Mew’s vigorous ‘playing’. Mew suddenly turned into an exact copy of Seadra, and instantly shot the same ink-attack at it. The ink completely coated the Seadra, blinding it and disabling it for the battle. Finally, the Dusclops lunged forward, its fist imbued in a horrible-looking aura. The fist shot outward, striking the Seadra-Mew, knocking it backward. Mew reverted back into its usual self, and floated high into the air. Mew lit up a bright blue, and floated back down. At first, I didn’t see anything happen. Then, Dusclops simply collapsed to the floor.

Adam recalled all three of his Pokemon to their Pokeballs, and slammed his fist into the desk near him in pure rage. I looked desperately around, looking for a solution.

“Fine, it must be done! I’ve finally found Mew, but I have no means of capturing it. I’ll introduce you to my latest creation, Betamue!” Swane shouted. He brought his fist down on a red button next to him on the desk. Suddenly, the gigantic tube in the center of the room began to drain. Down, down, down the green liquid went, until it left a gigantic, repulsive monster dripping wet, still attached to many wires. The creature went haywire, flailing about inside of the tube. It stuck its many left-tentacles straight outward, shattering the tube to dust. The creature fell to the floor with a thunderous boom. It slowly crawled upright.

I quickly glanced at Cenard, who had a horrified look on his face. The monster (I can’t even call it a Pokemon) towered over us, and opened what I assume to be five eyes on the right side of its face. The creature slammed down on the ground, knocking me, Cenard, and Cenard’s Pokemon to the ground.

“Betamue, use Power Whip!” Adam shouted. “You’ll all pay for defeating my Pokemon!” The Betamue slowly pulled its left tentacles back, and thrust them forward blindly, striking in a different spot with each one. The tentacles smashed straight down into the ground, breaking through the tiling on the floor. I jumped to my feet, and backed up until my back was pressed up against the door of the room. I assume Adam closed it on us. I looked up to see Adam on some sort of balcony in the room, from where he commanded the monster.

“Betamue, again, Power Whip!” Cenard commanded. I could see the creature’s eyes five eyes roll wildly in its head. I assumed it was blind or something at first. But, one of the tentacles from the attack flew right at me. If it weren’t for Mew using Psychic on me and pushing me out of the way, the tentacle would have pierced me for sure. The attack smashed right through the thick, steel door, knocking it right out of the tracks. The door fell down, and smashed to the ground with a shrill bang. I noticed Betamue recoil a great deal when the metallic door slammed on the ground.

“You may notice that Betamue is a bit uncoordinated. You see, my goal is to find Mew and create a clone of it. I’ve heard stories of a clone of Mew that could think for itself. That led to the creator’s demise, as it turned against the orders of its creator. As for me, I plan to create the ultimate Pokemon, but remove its ability to think for itself. However, I’m unable to do so without removing the clone’s Psychic powers. Thus, this is just a beta version of the unfinished project of my ultimate Pokemon clone,” Adam explained with great confidence. Cenard looked up at him angrily.

“So why did you put the entire city on lockdown!?” Cenard queried from below Adam.

“You see, I heard of some kind of rumors that Mew had appeared in this city. It took me a few years to become Mayor of this city when I heard that rumor, but when I finally did, I put a request to put the city into a lockdown. You’re ***** of a girlfriend, Sarah, wouldn’t let the request pass. Being in that seat in the office, she had that power. It took some more. . . persuasion. . . if you know what I mean,” Adam explained, sneering at Cenard.

“Y-you bastard!” Cenard shouted. “She wouldn’t do anything with a dirty slime like you!” I looked empathetically at Cenard. I’m sure Adam was lying.

“It doesn’t matter what you believe, as you’re going to die here, anyway. Betamue, get rid of them with Crush Grip!” Adam commanded to Betamue. Betamue sloppily flung its huge tentacles back, then shot them forward a blinding speed toward Cenard and I. Just before they impacted, I heard a deafening, screeching sound. Betamue’s attack stopped in its tracks, and it just stood there with its tentacles outstretched. I had to cover my ears from the harsh sounds. I saw Cenard and Adam covering their ears, too. It was no use, however, as the sound penetrated my hands, ringing my ear drums. Finally, the sound stopped. I looked around wearily, my head throbbing from the sound. I looked to Mew, who floated around in a naïve manner. Was it Mew who caused that sound?

“Metal Sound technique. . . I wonder why,” I heard Cenard say through the ringing in my ears. Suddenly, Betamue began to quiver. The quivering quickly became convulsions, which then became flailing. The Betamue flopped around agitatedly, crushing anything that it hit with its sheer body size.

“Betamue, no! Those damn kids, this project cost me a hundred and fifty million dollars!” I heard Adam say as Cenard grabbed my shoulder hastily, and motioned with his head for me to follow him. He recalled Marowak and Umbreon into their Pokeballs, and I grabbed Sentret and tucked it into my arms as I ran after Cenard. We made our way into the hallway from which I entered, walking on the downed metal door on the way.

“Betamue, they can’t get away, use Explosion!” I heard Adam say from the room. All I could do was panic. Cenard and I made our way up the narrow stairway, with Mew floating around above us unawarely. The last thing I saw before getting to the base floor was the Betamue lighting up brightly, looking intently at me with those haunting, five eyes. That image itself seemed to haunt me as Cenard and I made our way outside of the city hall. Cenard stopped briefly, looking at the maze of bushes.

“Damn! We’ll never make it out!” Cenard shouted desperately.

“It’s just a Pokemon! How large could its Explosion be?” I questioned loudly. Just then, there was a deep rumble from the City Hall. There was a perturbing silence that followed, which seemed to last an eternity. Then, all of the windows in the City Hall suddenly bursted, sending glass out in all directions. There was a faint, red glow that appeared from the empty windows, which quickly became intense. Suddenly, I heard a deafening burst. I saw the City Hall erupt, for lack of better terms. The shockwave shot outward, and flames washed over Cenard and I. I could see pieces of the building fly outward, narrowly missing us. My eyes were blinded, my ears deafened, and my skin was becoming torched. I could feel my consciousness slipping. Right before my vision went entirely black, I could see a soothing, blue color that stood brilliantly against the endless wave of fiery red. Then, all I could see was black.

. . .

Slowly, I regained my senses. A bright, pink light filled my eyes as I opened them, and the intense ringing in my ears was slowly fading. I sat up, my vision deeply impaired, but the blurriness slowly becoming sharper. As my eyes adapted, I could see that the pink light came from Mew. There were shadows of other Pokemon around me. I saw Cenard slowly sitting up from the corner of my eye.

I looked to the other Pokemon, realizing that they were Mantyke, Sentret, Hitmontop, and Banette, along with Mew. They all looked covered in bruises and cuts. In fact, parts of them were singed from what I assumed the Explosion. It must’ve been large enough to engulf the maze of bushes, which the Pokemon were still in at the point of the Explosion. Cenard struggled to his feet, staggering backward when he got up. I heard him gasp in awe. I stood up and, like Cenard, staggered, almost falling back down. I looked around the dark area, seeing nothing but a mess of black remains of the bush labyrinth. The Explosion definitely burnt the whole thing to the ground.

That made me wonder, though, how Cenard, Sentret and I were conscious, let alone alive. Mew’s orb of vivid pink allowed me to see all of this. I looked up to Cenard, who was holding Banette comfortably. Banette snuggled up in Cenard’s arms happily, despite the obvious pain it was in.

“What. . . happened?” I struggled to say, my throat stinging in intense pain when I talked.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Cenard said, his voice equally as raspy as mine. Our only option was to make our way back to the streets of Skiolet City. We traversed the remains of the maze-like courtyard, having no difficulty whatsoever in the flat wasteland. Finally, the Pokemon, Cenard, and I found our way back to the city. Interestingly, there were no cars lining the streets anymore, and the sky was clearing up. I hadn’t seen the sky so clear in what seemed like forever. It seemed like a blessing to be able to see the twinkling stars in the deep, black sky. I followed Cenard through the streets of Skiolet, which was oddly dark. Skiolet City was famous for being lit up brightly during the night, usually done by the many lights from buildings and attractions.

Not once did I question Cenard about where we were going. In fact, rarely did I look down from the beautiful sky. Since I lived almost my whole life without leaving Skiolet City, I could never see the night sky so well at night due to the city in constant illumination. I could recall those late, mid-summer bonfires from when I used to live in Kanto. The stars twinkled vivaciously at me, creating an indescribable view of pure beauty that I don’t think I could handle. With a smile on my face, tears streamed from my eyes. The tears felt as if cleansing not only my charred face, but my overall individual.

Finally, we came to our destination: the Hitmonshop. I noticed that there was no hole in the wall anymore. Cenard entered, followed by me and then the Pokemon. I had to squint to allow my eyes to adjust to the coffee shop’s bright lights. Inside, I saw Alex sitting at a booth, Girard at the cash register, and another lady at a different booth. Cenard walked over to the lady, as the all three of them watched him attentively. The lady stood up and straightened her tight, black knee-length skirt to greet Cenard.

“We need to have a private chat, Sarah,” Cenard commanded sternly as the girl pulled her blond hair behind her ears. I slowly made my way to the booth with Alex and sat down heavily on the opposite side as him. I slammed my chin down on the table, looking at Alex miserably. Mew floated over and sat on my head playfully. Alex looked at Mantyke happily as Mantyke wearily approached him.

“Mantyke, thank you for being with Dakota,” Alex said deeply. “Hey, cool Pokemon you have,” Alex commented, looking at Mew, “How’d you get it?”

“It’s been a long day,” I answered briefly to Alex.

Alex looked out the window and spoke in a soft tone, “I know.” I could tell there was something different about him, but the thought abandoned me when it dawned on me that he was actually here.

“Hey, Alex,” I asked, perking up and looking at Alex questionably. “How the heck did you get back here, anyway?”

“You should know that I couldn’t be contained by a simple gate for long,” he said a bit monotonously. I assumed he crawled over it or swam the lake, shuddering at my near-death experience at the bridge gate.

“Everyone,” Girard said from the cash register. Alex, Sarah, Cenard, and I looked at Girard attentively. “Listen, I know everyone is tired, and we all want to go home to get some rest. However, the way things are going right now, I don’t think we should split up, especially since neither Dakota’s nor Alex’s parents are home,” Girard explained. Suddenly, my gut fell. Home. I remembered something very important. I stood up, and began to run out the door. “Where are you going?” Girard called out after me.

“I left something important at home!” I shouted back as I left the Hitmonshop. I ran down the street, Mew floating close behind me. I could hear it giggle playfully. As I ran, I couldn’t help but think. I was almost jealous of Mew for being such a carefree Pokemon, even though it clearly knew it was being targeted and hunted. Despite that, it opted to play with its tail instead of potentially flying as far away as across the world.

After a few moments, I came to the alleyway near my house. I ran down it, with Sentret on my shoulder and Mew close behind me. I hit the end, and made the left, going down about halfway down the street, finally arriving to my house. I walked around back and pulled a key out of my pocket, inserting it into the back door and entering the house with Mew behind me. The kitchen light was on, and I could see the TV was on as well. I walked into the living room to see Chatot and Tangela sitting in front of the TV at the couch, with a bowl of popcorn in between them.

“BWAAK, Dakota is home! Dakota is home!” Chatot shouted, surprising Tangela. Tangela jumped in reaction, accidentally dumping the bowl of popcorn all over the floor.

“Tangela!” I shouted angrily. There was no reason for Tangela to be surprised at Chatot. . . especially since Chatot had a big mouth, figuratively. Tangela, afraid of getting scolded by me, rushed to the floor and scooped up the mess with its vines. I could only sigh at the comedic sight of Chatot flying around Tangela as it cleaned, shouting “Dakota is home” repeatedly. Suddenly, Mew flew into the room, and flew around with Chatot. Chatot became startled.

“BWAAK! BWAAK!” Chatot screeched, causing a commotion. I grabbed the two Pokeballs on the side table, and returned both Chatot and Tangela to them. Mew sunk to the ground and pouted when Chatot disappeared. I figured it wanted to play with Chatot.

“Don’t scare them! They're high-strung as it is!” I scolded Mew. Mew looked at me with its large eyes, but I didn’t fall for its fake tears. I turned off the TV and the lights. Just for the heck of it, I picked up the phone. To my surprise, there was a dial tone. I tested out my mother’s cell phone number.

There was a ring. Another ring.

Much to my surprise, there was an answer. “Hello?” came my mother’s voice.

“Mom! I missed you!” I shouted suddenly into the phone.

There was no answer. Suddenly, I heard that cursed voice.

“That’s not going to work any time soon,” Adam’s voice said over the phone.
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