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Quote originally posted by AceDragonite:
Leolisk is good, Hallowtomb's sprite is cool (but Spiritomb does NOT deserve an evolution) and imo Albyphus looks like Suicune, I don't mean to rip it or anything, I just have a high standard set for Altaria evos.
Thanks :cer_smile: I don't agree with you on the Albyphus-Suicune thing though. Spiritomb was given an evolution to make gym leader no. 7 even more difficult. :cer_wink: Call me sadistic if you will.

Quote originally posted by D. Lawride:
Diluculo? As in Ludicolo, or am I off? xD

Seriously now, the story sounds interesting (especially because it's mostly out of the common starting story, and you gave us a reason to visit the professor and give him a parcel!), as well as using the 'unique', per say, idea of having the professor get kidnapped as reason to start our journey.

The Fakemon also seem pretty nice; kudos on the latest ones posted, too, they're some of the best. :D

As for graphics, well, it's a shame you can't get what you need; I could give a hand, but my tiles are all DPPt/HGSS styled, so there isn't much I can do there. :/

Still, I wish you luck on this game!
Thanks :cer_smile: Diluculo is latin for "dawn". The 4 islands off the coast of the 2 main continents are named "dawn", "day", "dusk" and "night" in accordance with the general theme of time.

Quote originally posted by phantominoid:
Hallowtomb is epic not to mention albyphus since i like altaria as a dragon
Thanks. :cer_smile:


New screenshots are coming soon. In the meantime you can nominate a type out of the following list and tomorrow evening I'll debut a new fakemon of that type! (Not copying Malachite in the slightest! :cer_tongue


Happy voting!