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One other thing that people complain about is how Dawn's contest victories are due to luck.

I can semi-agree with this as seeing our heroes strategically get themselves out of a tight spot shows that they're smarter than we think.

However, contest battles are different from a trainer battle or a Gym Battle as there's a time limit and you start out with a full set of points that will go down depending on how much damage your Pokemon take or how good your opponent's moves are. You could either win due to your Pokemon defeat your opponent's before time runs out (resulting in all your points dropping at once) or time runs out and you just so happen to have a few or more points than your opponent. Either way, you win. And a victory's a victory, no matter how cheap it seems.

The second way of victory is how Zoey won against Dawn in the finals. So why aren't people complaining about Zoey's victory if they hate cheap victories. Oh right! Dawn's a main character and doesn't deserve to win.

And if Dawn did win due to a cheap victory, the writers would've had her acknowledge her lucky win and would've had her say that she wants to get more stronger so that she doesn't rely on luck alone.
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