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Quote originally posted by strictlypreme:
no response on my offer???????
Do you really want all 30 or so of my flawless pokemon?

Quote originally posted by M kingkong M:
Swampert lvl 100 male
IV's- 26/31/25/31/31/11
EV's- 252 Att, 252 HP, 6 Def

im really interested in this please i hope we can trade! i got any in game legendary, some events(which i prefer you clone) a shiny Gible UT, a shiny shinx UT, a level 100 flawless EV'd bronzong, a level 100 shiny almost flawless EV'd luxray, and a level 100 shiny flawless EV'd magenton which i prefer you clone, what do you say bro please can we work something out??
yeah thats cool, do you still want dragonite too?
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