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Originally Posted by Ficher View Post
Yea, me too. Spain was lucky from the start. It wasn't remotely superior to Germany, since the Germans played their worst game against them. Paraguay almost beat Spain, for Paraguay's first goal shouldn't have been canceled. He was onside.

I hope they won't win the Euro, too.
You didn't really watch the game, did you? You can't beat that Germany just by pure luck :P But hey, luck also counts *shrugh* You go tell Germany and Lampard.

And yesterday's match was hideous XD You saw the Argentinian line-up full of world class players and then our line up was full of... bench people XD Monreal should not go back to the team, for god's sake. And keeping only 4 regular players on the pitch at the same time was a suicide XD

But hey, it was a friendly. It doesn't look good but it was the right match to try weird stuff. Although it wasn't the best rival XD

By the way, going to write CL and La Liga summaries after every journey, if anybody wants to read them :D
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