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Quote originally posted by JakeClowd:
Can somebody please pm me on an explanation of this one:

Exception: RuntimeError
Message: Field is not a positive integer
File PBS/pokemon.txt, section 0, key Evolutions

Compiler:175:in `csvPosInt!'
Compiler:2414:in `pbCompilePokemonData'
Compiler:2394:in `each'
Compiler:2394:in `pbCompilePokemonData'
Compiler:2391:in `each'
Compiler:2391:in `pbCompilePokemonData'
Compiler:3521:in `pbCompileAllData'

I've gotten errors like this before. It means that I used the wrong variable in the evolution method. The problem is the part that says "pokemon.tst, section 0, Key evolutions"

I Don't Have A Section 0!
That's a strange error. What exactly did you change to cause the error? Did you properly set up the Evolutions section of any pokemon you added? Also, were you trying to implement any new evolution methods and using them for any pokemon you added?
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