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Originally Posted by Akiyuki Aretukasu View Post
Season 1 FTW! (Actually, I think it was Season 2 that he dressed like this. He wore the sweater vest thing over them in Season 1. Not sure about this...) Classic Yu-Gi-Oh FTW!

Actually, it was only 1 cat that had multiple surgeries. However, his body couldn't take that last one. He would've died without it, so we tried to help him, but... *Sigh* I miss that cat so bad...

Eh, why not post one of his cosplays here as well?

Pan (RIP) cosplaying as Meowth.
my mistake i was typing fast since i was in a rush.
i dont remember either since i watched original yugioh along time ago.
RIP 2 pan also.

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