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Old September 9th, 2010 (11:11 AM).
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Alright, we've finally passed on to the Beta Testing phase!

Now that the game is being tested, I think I should reveal the starters, since the only thing I gave last time was their shadow.

Left to right:
Deash (Dark) - Poishark (Dark/Water) - Deviathan (Dark/Water)

Minitaur (Fighting) - Oksand (Fighting/Ground) - Malletaur (Fighting/Ground)

Shin (Electric) - Indrashin (Electric/Psychic) - Raishin (Electric/Psychic)

Don't forget that each of these starter Pokémon also has an alternate, final evolution, obtained thanks to an item, most likely a shard or stone.

The Starter's types were done according to the game's title - and as such as mostly themed around nightmares and what's scary.

Stick around; the demo shouldn't take too long, now! =D