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Originally Posted by ashthebest10 View Post
Here are my tilesets. Some of the tiles are a little blurry but you can clear them up if you know how. I'm not to good of an artist. The inside tileset has FRLG tiles at the top so scroll down to see the other tiles. They are a mix of tiles I found all over the place so credit goes everywhere and tiles I ripped myself ( Not the best, but not the worst, you can proubably use various methods to make them look better). Hope they help.

EDIT: I'm having a little trouble viewing the inner tileset (IDK if you will) but if you do just wait for the window to open and right click and save the file.
List of credits are needed before you post.
Just say who made them, if you can't remove them, as I have seen alot of the tiles a the demand credit.

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