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Ash: Go, Sonic!
Sonic: Why did I sign up for that? OK. Son-ic!

Misty: Go, Gatomon!

*A Bandit from Yoshi's Island appears out of nowhere*
Dawn: Go, Pokéball!

Brock: Go, Yoshi!

(Battling with Ash's Pikachu)
White Bomberman: What did Dr. Ein says about his level?
Black Bomberman: It's over 9000!
White Bomberman: What!? Thousands!? No way this mouse has th....
*Pikachu uses Volt Tackle*

Misty: Go, Bomberman!

Max: Well I be! Meditites, attack Team Rocket!
May: You too, Kangaskhans!
Ash: Go Pikachu!
Brock: Go Geodudes!
Meowth: Oh, no!
Once again, Lucario is back in Super Smash Bros 4! Thanks to... Nintendo!


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