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Quote originally posted by sean777:
See i dont think the owner will leave as he set out a 5 year plan on what they were theachieve and he estimated they would be a competitive team amongst the best in 3 years so its all looking good to me and tevez is unreal :)
They won't win the title in those five years so there is at least a small chance he'll leave.

Tevez :@

Quote originally posted by Went:

They are probably rich, I mean, last year they had enough money to pay the teams they were playing against so they wouldn't even attempt to defend to win as many points as possible and get promoted, according to some evidence the police got for a political corruption case the team's owner was involved in- sadly they couldn't use the evidence to relegate them again.

But yeah, if they could pay €200,00 to each player in Cádiz so they would purposedly lose, I guess they have money to hire good players.
Wow, really? I'm surprised at the amount of fixing in other countries.

Quote originally posted by Went:
Oh ho ho, Barça are losing 0-2 against Hércules XD What a surprise. If Madrid flops as well, we have real chances of getting a jumpstart this season.
Yes, lets have Atletico get a jumpstart and stay top until January with Aguero leading the scoring charts and this will play right into my hands as Man Utd swoop for him. <evil laughter>

3-3 was a shocker today, Ferguson's son threw a game away today as well, Preston went from 3-1 up to 4-3 down in six minutes.