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I don't have much knowledge in DS hacking, but recently I found out that you can't edit the Johto Dex in HG/SS yet. The file that resembles the PokeDex is at a/0/7/4, the 12th file in the narc. However, I tried editing that to the Sinnoh Dex, and nothing happened. Then with a hex editor, I found what appears to be a second listing for the dex, which is at 0x64D2180. I changed that to the Sinnoh Dex, and this time I actually got different results, but it wasn't ideal:

For some reason, only Pokemon that were originally in the Johto Dex still appear, and some graphics won't load O_o.

Earlier, I did the same thing on Platinum, but in reverse: Replace the Sinnoh Dex with the Johto Dex:

I got much better results, as Pokemon actually showed up in the correct order. Not sure how to fix the numbers though.

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