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Alright, I haven't watched the latest videos because I'm tired, and I'm still jumping around this section like a five year old and want to pop out as many quick reviews as possible.

First thing I have to get out there is that Australian accents are hot and would, in any case, increase this LP's worth by a factor of 3.73 with its mere presence. I've come to this conclusion after literally dozens of seconds of research, so you can rest assured that I'm not making this **** up.

Now onto the LP's actual content, it was fairly typical of an early video LP, though with much clearer audio than I usually expect from those, as the creators are often inexperienced with audio equipment. The actual commentary was decent, nothing groundbreaking as you seem to be playing it safe and just describing what is happening on screen. I'd like to see a little more comedy interjected into the story bits, as what has been shown so far is kind of beyond ridiculous ("A mantle? Seriously? Like from above a fireplace?").

All in all though, not bad, and I'll be sure to watch future videos, especially as you're playing a game I've never played myself nor have I ever even heard of this game before.

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