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sadness at the no coments :'(


The next day started out as planned, everyone woke up to trumpet, the army ate breakfast and got to their business of training, patrolling and so forth. Andrew was training a few men in some new techniques when one of the youngest soldiers, an 18 year old by the name of Joseph ran up to the middle of the small practice arena that had been set up.

“Sir!” the boy panted when he arrived. Andrew looked at the young man, who was a scout. Joseph looked bedraggled and half dead. Cuts were all across his arms and body, his black scouts cloak was ripped in many places and one of his legs was dragging limply behind him.

“What the hell happened?!” Andrews' normally calm stature was over ridden by surprise.

“The dark army, its coming…” Joseph passed out.

“Get him to a medic, now!” Andrew barked and two men picked the scout up. They moved him towards the medical tent. Andrew held hi s head on one hand. He went to the commanders’ tent, which had a desk, a weapon rack, and many strategy planning tools. He cleared a spot on the desk and laid his head down, thinking. He heard the clopping of hooves outside his tent, and Orin poked his head inside.

“What’s wrong?” the man asked.

“One of our scouts just reported that he had seen the dark army.” Andrew muttered.

“One of our scientists would like to have a word with you.” Orin explained his presence.

“Well, that just makes my day.” Andrew said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. He followed Orin to the small research tent where Orin trotted off to continue training with the rest of the cavalry.

“You wanted me?” Andrew said as he strode into the structure.

“Yes, we have just come up with a new weapon. We call it a bomb.” The scientist explained and pointed to a small black sphere with a string sticking out the top. “It explodes once the string has completely burnt. The force is as great as being tackled by a Kyogre, just with more fire.” The scientist continued. “I hope you didn’t take offense to that.” The man added when he saw Andrews' solemn look when he heard the name of his kind.

“No, no. I’m fine. Have you tested this weapon yet?” Andrew seemed doubtful that anything that was man-made and was as small as his hand could be as strong as he.

“Of course, if I hadn’t tested the weapon, then I wouldn’t have called for you.” The scientist said simply.

“Fine, show me how this works.” Andrew ordered and followed the scientist to a large clearing. He recognized one of the nearby tents as Adelaide’s forge. Loud banging was coming from within. After the scientist made a few preparations on the new weapon, he pulled out a match walked into the middle of the clearing, which Andrew now noticed was brown and scorched. The scientist lit the match and then lit the string protruding from the bomb.

“Hit the ground!” the scientist yelled and Andrew instantly dropped to his stomach, the scientist dove right next to him and turned around to watch.

“Nothing is happening.” Andrew was about to say more, but was instantly cut off by the explosion. It was huge, making a small mushroom cloud, and causing everything left of the clearing to burn instantly. Dust and dirt whipped past Andrew and he had to cover his face to protect himself from the sharp stings that the dirt made as it whipped his face. When it was over, Andrew looked up and rubbed his ringing ears.

“Well, that was successful.” Andrew said. “But how will we get it over to the enemy line, wont it just explode over our forces?” Andrew continued and thought of the little pieces if metal raining down on the army.

“Inside of it is an explosive, flammable substance, it only explodes after the flames on the fuse hit it. So the solution is just a longer fuse. We will use the catapults to hurl them over to the enemy.” The scientist explained.

“Wont the fuse go out if it’s going by the so fast?”

“No, the fuse is made of a certain substance that makes it spark, rather than burn, so it won’t go out unless you dump water on it.” The man pulled out a short fuse from his pocket and another match, which he used to light the fuse. The man tried to snuff it out with his fingers, but it was still there, he stepped on it, and it was still there. He finally spit on it and it went out. “See?”

“Fine, we will use it, just make sure that the bombs don’t explode over our forces, or else bad things will happen. Not to you specifically, but to the world.” The scientist gulped at this.

“Don’t worry; I wouldn’t want, uh, anything bad to happen.” The scientist sounded nervous.

“The fate of the world isn’t on your shoulders; just make sure there are longer fuses.” Andrew saw that the man was still a bit nervous, but much less. Andrew walked back towards the commanders’ tent and began to think again. He closed his eyes.
- - - - - - - - - - -
About an hour later, Latios found Andrew, asleep, on the desk. The blue dragon gently shook Andrews shoulder.

“Huh? What?” Andrew looked up drowsily. “Oh, I, uh, was just resting my eyes.” Andrew yawned.

<I’m so sure.> Latios laughed, but then grew serious. <Joseph is better, he needs to speak with you.> the blue dragon said. Andrew stood up, and wobbled putting his arms out for balance. Andrew walked to the medical tent, Latios trailing behind him.

When Andrew entered the large tent, he saw five cots, only one of them holding somebody.

“Yes, Joseph?” Andrew said to the young man.

“They are coming, the darkness! It will not stop! William, they killed him. They will kill all of us. Nobody will survive…” the scout said his last words and his heart stopped.

“It thought you said he was better, not about to die.” Andrew and told two men to bury the body and looked at Latios.

<Well, he was strong enough to eat and talk, so I assumed he was better…> Latios looked down.

“Well there is nothing we can do about it now. We must worry about the coming battle.” Andrew sighed.
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