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Hiidoran; Thanks Larry. XD; Yeah, there are probably millions of pokemon LP's or Mario one's. Although I might do a Mario LP later, but set myself a challenge so it's more easier.

..Ehh my accent. XD;;

Yuoaman; Haha, Australian accents are hot? Thanks. XD; Although with that fact, it's kinda something I will ponder about.

Even though I am inexperienced with LPing itself, I probaly wouldn't have done it at all if I knew my LP's would be of low quality sound and video wise. I've seen enough low quality youtube videos to put myself off from watching and I'd rather not have that kind of experience when people watch my own videos. Ah yes, commentary, I'm getting use to talking to myself, as the next couple of videos will show. :P But I hope that shows I'm improving, since I want to make my LP's interesting so that people will continue to watch them.

But thank you both for the comments!

Let's Play! by Aizuke @ pokecommunity

Okay so the last couple of days I've been kinda distracted from playing. ~__~ I explain everything in the first video.

As for the second one... I'm not too proud of it. It would have been okay, but I kept quick saving/loading a lot and I think it affected the sync of my video, so my apologies and you're free to skip it if you like! If not you can just listen to my talking. XD; Also sorry for the chipmunk as well~! I was running short of time, hence all the quickload and saves so I didn't die and restart the whole process again. But that kinda screwed it up.. I also had to get rid of the cutscene at the end because of the audio out of sync. :x Sorry again. XD;; This won't ever happen again. EVER. Maly has learnt her lesson. D: Oh and the Chipmunk scene ends at 3:30 if you wanna just skip all that.

Pocky & Rocky Stage 3, Part 1

Pocky & Rocky Stage 3, Part 2

Paired with Signomi