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Originally Posted by chriskid198 View Post

Is that a recyclable bin? I think you mean Recycling bin.

I'm gonna download this now :D Looks like fun.

And, can I use this as a ROM Base? I'll give you credits.
I like the tiles :D

To patch with IPS, or APS... Why did you have to give me a choice?

EDIT: I found an error.

If you talk to her from this side, she faces the other way.

When they battle starts
Thanks for pointing out the errors. And feel free to use my hack as a base for your hack. Just remember that I didn't make any of the tiles, so be sure to give credits to the correct people.

Originally Posted by nasonex View Post
Nice Hack you got there FireShock! I can't believe it's already
on Beta 2! Hope it goes well!

Can't wait for the Updates! Good Luck FireShock!
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