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Originally Posted by Haz View Post

So, it's call Seasaur Port, and it's the starting town. The player arrives via the port to see his/ her mother after spending two years with their father in Kanto, and they are asked to get a Pokemon off Professor Rex. They then musy head over the mountain to get into the main region.

The cave is guarded by a policeman who deems it unstable to go in. You can't get back on the boat at the port, because Salior Sean the 'captian', crashed it after you hopped off XD
First of all, let me say that the tiles are great. It's cool the way there's water, then a beach, then a small town near a mountain. It really flows naturally from one element to another. It has good usage of space, too. It has some tile errors near the water, but I'll give it 9/10.
Suggestions: Fix the tile errors.
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