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I'm a big fan of fantasy and magic, but I can't write tham ta save mah life. >.< Tha major problem is that it's hard fo me ta plot mah staries out. I have a couple of ideas, but I really don't know what ta do wit tham. I hardly have enough ta write a stary, but it seems like I'm just tao lazy ta takes tha time ta plot tha whole thng out. I mean, most of mah 'idea's is actually just concepts, and I actually have no idea what tha dawg plot or characters is. I don't expect ta git a substantial plot out of dis, but I'd appreciate it if somebody just gave me a few ponters or recommendations.

Idea #1: Tha Book of Spells contans spells and ncantations. Thare is 100 pages, and ten spells per page. Tha Book of Summons contans tha list of snoopanatural creatures you have signed contracts wit. You can sign up ta 500 contracts. Than thare's a third book, a book used ta stare magical items and such, though I haven't come up wit a nbee fo it yet. Each mage startng out will git one spell, one contract and one item. Tha first space on tha first page of every Book is frbeed wit fancy gold curves. That's where thay go. Tha first spell is nearly always unique ta tha user. Tha first contract you sign is different than othars, coz it's a blood contract, so tha beast is bound ta you fo life. Every time you master a spell, it becomes engraved n yo Book of Spells. Tha Books is written n an ancient rune language (haven't found a nbee yet). Each mage has thair own Frequency (not sure bout dis nbee eithar) of Resonance. Resonance is when you pulse yo magic through somethng, and Frequency is like fngerprnts of yo magic, unique ta a sngle person. Tha person's Frequency is nscribed n runes on tha cover of tha Books. Only tha user's Frequency can unlock tha Books. Tha Books is white and colourless when you receive tham. When you unlock tham fo tha first time, it takess a huge burst of magic. If you dawgage ta unlock tham, thay'll git thair own colour, dependng on tha branch and type of yo magic. It is tha goal of each mage ta complete thair Books. Everybody has thair Books, as thay is part of one's soul, but not everyone can unlock tham. That means only those wit a powerful and pure Resonance can become mages. That's pretty much all I have right now.

Ugh, I have ta sleep now, I'll post tha rest of mah ideas tamorrow mornng...
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