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Quote originally posted by phantominoid:
these are way too awesome, especially snapper, i hope he has a three line evolution

Thanks. :cer_smile:

Quote originally posted by Starrmyt:
Were you sponsored by the Dr. Pepper corporation? Because it seems like you used one of their Brand Names for that first grass pokemon

I like the sprites!
Snapple actually dosn't exist in Europe, so I had no idea that there was actually a soft drink with its name until very recently.

Cheers. :cer_smile:

Quote originally posted by MelonKid:
I think Lyrain looks really cute!

would you be adding a cry/song before weather changes to rain? That would be really cool.
and the rest of the Fakemon are really good too.

Keep up the hard work!
Great idea! Thank you very much. :cer_smile: