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From GBATemp :

a/0/1/1 contains the images for the fight menu
a/0/2/5 item sprites
a/0/3/0 touchscreen status?
a/0/3/1 player sprites
a/0/32 npc sprites
a/0/4/1 trainer sprites in combat
a/0/5/5 Pokemon types / movement type
a/0/8/3 Pokemon status menu?
a/0/8/5 world map

a/1/1/8 keyboard
a/1/2/0 wifi club screen
a/1/2/4 Pokemon types / movement type
a/1/3/1 Character Artworks?
a/1/3/7 Battle Recorder
a/1/3/9 DSi / DSi XL / LL Menu Screen
a/1/4/3 Game Sync Screens
a/1/5/1 Season Screens (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
a/1/6/4 Copyright Screen
a/1/7/0 Player and his friend's Pictures
a/1/7/1 CGear
a/1/7/3 Balloons
a/1/8/4 Trainer Sprites
a/1/8/7 Mysterious Person 'N'

a/2/0/1 Certificate?
a/2/0/2 Certificate?
a/2/0/5 Starter's pictures
a/2/0/6 Battle Subway Map
a/2/2/0 'The End' Screen
a/2/4/4 Some Text (not the Script)
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