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  • Brock is pretty dumb
  • Agh, too many characteristical meet ups!
  • Kenny is much dumber...
  • Urusula is Jessiliphobic
  • Why so late at night?
  • On hos! Mraco Deteor!
  • Constipation?
  • BOOM
  • fail
  • Piplup, do something! Dawn's under the apocalypse!
  • Zoey to the rescue.
  • Bloody hell, you two.
  • Damn, that's a big arena
  • Usually mothers go crazier than Mexican soccer moms in World Cups...
  • Brock, get a life.
  • Agh, it's the french girl!
  • What the hell?!
  • Holy crap
  • ...Nobody could have seen that coming...
  • Stupid dex, is it F or C?
  • Wait, this bunch of static is music?
  • Oh no, meowth just didn't...
  • Wait a second, how the hell is zoez's performance possible?!
  • You know how things look bigger on TV? I think his performance would suck bad up front.
  • Woops. Keeny you FAIL!
  • Woah, that's impressive.
  • We end with a bang.
  • Agh, why were the captions different to the speech here?
  • 32? too much
  • HAHAHAHA! KENNY! KENNY! Oh, I have a morbid hate for Kenny in case you haven't noticed.

Agh, CN actually leaves the credits this time? Weirdos. This episode was a great way to start the grand festival. What's this? It's the sound of people disagreeing with me. Let me redirect you tothis.
That wave function isn't gonna collapse itself.
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