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I have done a log for my play through Johto from Morty to starting Kanto:

-I started by heading towards Olivine, catching a Tauros for Strength and Surf, defeating everyone.
-I climbed the lighthouse finding out that I need to go to Cianwood, so I took HM III the Tauros acroos the ocean, catching HM IIII the Tentacruel for Whirlpool and then grabbed the potion for Amphy.
-I destroyed Chuck with OHKO's but forgot to take a picture.
-Flew back on HM II the Pidgey with the new HM I got and climbed back up the lighthouse, then defeated Jasmine (forgot the picture again).
-Went to Mahogany and smashed up the Gyarados and Team Rocket.
-Defeated Pryce with no pic.
-Smashed Team Rocket in Goldenrod, and then went through Ice Cave and beat Clair and remembered the picture

-Went and grabbed my Master Ball and then headed to the league.
-After Victory Road, I destroyed my rival and then took on the league.
-Without any troubles and 3 Max Potion's, I took the title of Champion and headed to Kanto
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