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It's times like these where I would've loved to have a DSLR. We're not allowed to blur a background to add depth of field if our camera is only digital? ._. Damn what a disadvantage! If we're allowed to change the levels, why would adding depth of field be bad?
Do you mean no splicing stuff together?

I feel like anything should be allowed. If it's done tastefully.. why not? Why not be able to super-impose things together? If Man Ray could do it.. why can't we? If I take a photo of the sky, and someone looking like they're lying on a cloud.. why not? If someone truly has an artistic eye.. it can make or break the photo.

My two cents. lol.. I guess you can't have my two cents without a complaint in there.

Either way, I'm actually gonna try for this! But I'm totally going to take it with my Palm-Pre (phone) to give myself an artistic challenge >DDDD
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