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Quote originally posted by Quilava's Master:
Yes, I was rocked by that countering staryu too! That was the most painful gym ever! Especially since, unlike the original Fire Red, all I had to help me train was a bunch of weak Ekans and Rattata. In the end Pikachu being absent definitely hurt my chances. Also I do see potential for a game breaking oversight. If you fall into the holes at the secret gardens more times than you have escape ropes you are undoubtedly screwed. I was kinda disappointed that no Krabby event was present, same with an event for a Caterpie.

You do know that you can catch a level 5 Caterpie somewhere between the entrance of Viridian Forest and the battle with Team Rocket, right?
Also, near Bill's Lighthouse, there's a little bit of beach with direct contact to the sea, just so you can catch the Krabby

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