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Quote originally posted by プラチナ・ベルリッツ:
Simple Answer: NO, YOU CANNOT ADD NEW MAP NAMES TO THE ROM! (Well, for the meanwhile at least.)

If you have read some post about this somewhere before, the reason behind this is because there is a routine in some part of the ROM that limits the number of map names the game has.

FR/LG has 202 maps (I think) in the ROM and in that "routine" (asm?) there is a value there "CA" (CA->202) which from what I remember is the limit.

And from other posts that I've read, the reason why "Create New Name" is greyed out is because if you add a new map name (bypassing the limit) it will corrupt other data in the ROM.

So unless the author of A-map makes a way to get rid off the limit, we can only do for now is to REPLACE map names and not ADD new names.

oh, okay, that's kind of disappointing, but understandable. thanks for letting me know. My main reason of asking was because 1: I haven't been able to search each thread for the answer her on PC, and 2: I have not found any other websites saying one way or the other on this issue. Thankyou again for answering my question.

on another note.

I know of a couple maps in the fire red ROM labeled Sevii Isle # (Maps 3.50-3.53) that aren't in the game themselves. If I make these accessible in the ROM will they cause any issues? Two of them are 1x1 (Sevii Isle 6 and Sevii Isle 7) and are black tiles, (if you select the tile it comes up as water on the Tile Bank) and the other two are 84x20 and 24x60 and consist of water and rocks. the 84x20 (Sevii isle 8) has a small island in the middle, and a couple tiles are misplaced with a small cliff in the bottom right. While the 26x60 (Sevii Isle 9) is simply water bordered by rocks, with a small cliff in the top right.

the irony is that I want to add four more maps, and luck my there are these four available (and can be renamed with out my previous stated issue, since I want the names of these locations to come up like when you enter any other town, route, etc.), but since they are not normally accessed in the game, I'm afraid to add them and corrupt my ROM (as well as 3-4 months of map editing work).
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