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Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
Post your code please. You may be using this site's gimped form of CSS improperly. It's not meant to enable actual CSS, just that it'll run certain CSS codes if it's told to in a BBCode tag.
Its not really mine,it was a friend of mine who never use it anymore and give it to me,he don't know why the reason cause he did not make it,he has his friend to do for
btw,heres the code:

iTS A BIG ONE SINCE I COPIED THE whole code from my thread so it contains all the things for my thread


Team Between Dimensions Present:

Hack of:

[a id]Introduction[/a id]


You know me, just recently make a hack thread called U-Nimal The Mystery Of Black Rose. I decide to pause on that and recontinue this hack of mine. This was my first hack,second to be precise i came up with here on pc. I see it have the potential to go far, so with my new and improve skills, i decide to rework this. Hope you guys support me.

[a id]Legend[/a id]


When a portal
to an unknown Dimension
Is open
The fate of the world lies in the hand
of a boy who is belived to have
the power to stop the
God Of Chaos
This Prophecy have been told down generations by generation
but yet no one believed it because it have not happen..
but now one by one,the prophecy is coming to light
and the only one to stop this is

[a id]
Story[/a id]


The story started out with Ace{Hero}at the region of Sterra{may change}at route 1...

Suddenly Ace hear a raging argument going on. Ace head out to see it. He saw two guys having an argument with an old man..
Then the other guy start shouting at the old man demanding something. They took out a pokemon and threaten the old man.
Ace is a guy who always stands up to justice, he ran to the old man to help him up

"Move along kid if you do not want to get hurt"Grunt 1
"If you still don't want to go, we will have settle this the old fashion way..Pokemon Battle"says both the grunt.
Ace did not have any pokemon.

Grunt 1”Come on, take out your pokeball.”
Grunt 2”I think he don’t have any..hahaha.”
The old man took out a 3 pokeball and ask ace to choose one to battle with him. Ace selects one pokemon and summon it.
Then the battle begin.
Ace wins the match againts one of the grunts and the two mysterious grunts ran off.

The Old man was actually a professor.
The professor , explain everything to Ace. He said that they wants the plan for a very top secret project he was working on. The prof was reluctant to tell anything more to ace. He gave the pokemon ace use during the battle to ace and went off.
Ace decide to continue back his path to Lotic town as what he was told to do in the letter left by his grandmother to find her friend Melvin. When ace reach Lotic village, he ask around for Melvin and was directed to one of the house which he found out was a lab and Melvin was actually the Professor you help out in the woods. Hero gave the professor a letter which was intended for him. After Professor Melvin finish reading the letter, he explain everything and the incident which happen because of the researh on the other dimension which giratina was sealed in. Professor Melvin said there was a tear between the dimension the hero was in and the dimension which giratina was sealed and he is trying to remend the torned to prevent giratina from excaping. He concluded that this may be the work of the Black Rose, and tell ace the two guys before was from black rose. In order to keep his promise to his grandmother to protect the region of sterra if anything bad was to happen to it. Ace told the proffesor that he will be venturing the region to know more about what is happening and stop the evil team Black Rose....
Ace is a wandering boy which was originally from the region of Deria.He went to this region as his grandmother told him too for her last wish before she died.Ace was told that he have something to do at this region.That was the only lead Ace got.

Deeper Storyline:
In later part of the hack,you will get to know that your grandmother was one of the member of a group named "Stardust" who were known in history that stop a group of evil pokemon trainer named "Black Rose" from conquering the world with the help of a evil pokemon, also known as the god of chaos, Giratina. In the hope to banish Giratina to the other dimension, few of the members life were sacrifice when trying to seal giratina to another dimension.The two members left were Ace Grandmother and Prof Melvin.

In the second town,Ace will meet up with a boy name Ray. A obnoxious boy in the first impression but a kind boy after knowing him. Throughout the hack, you will get to know who were Ray suppose to be. During your first meet up, Ray will just brush you aside and ignore you. But in time to come, you will be meeting him almost all the time.

{The Goal Of The Game}
During the calamaties in banishing Giratina,8 Shards with enough power to seal the gate to the other dimension were scattered. It was also said that the shard too can open the gate and completly destroy the gate.
Only a few know about this. Even Prof Melvin did not know about this.The Shards if combined together does not only have the power to enter the other dimension but also
seal the gate to the dimension forever.In order to stop this,Ace decided to gather all 8 of the shards.
Ray on the other hand has a mysterious quest given to him.

[a id]History Background[/a id]

Ace's History

Ace was born on a region called Deria. He was raised by his grandmother from the time he was age 3 as his parents died in a car accident. Ace grew up to be a fine boy but the silent type. He never get angry unless he was force to act so. Ace was an upright boy who always uphold justice. Ace maybe a silent boy but he never stop when an adventure calls him. After his grandmother death, he was told to go to the region of Sterra as his grandmother last wish to clean up the wrong things she has done. Ace first visit was to Lotic village but encounter a problem on route 1..then on, his adventure begins.

Ray Id

A very mysterious boy in the game who are not sure if whether he is on your side or the dark


A group of professional pokemon trainers who were brought together to stop a evil organisation,who called themselves,"Black Rose".The group was ceased to exist after a big fight againts the "Black Rose" and also Giratina.The group was never to appear again as the members in it was reduced to two in result of banishing giratina to the other dimension.In the hack,Ace Grandmother and Prof Erdwin was the remaining two members of "Stardust".In fact,Ray has a connection to the "Stardust" itself.You will discover that in the game.

Black Rose

A group of very evil pokemon trainers whose goal was to conquer the world.It was said that the organisation manage to make Giratina to aid them in battle againts "Stardust".But little info was known on this group.

[a id]Features[/a id]
#There will be mostly pokemon from sinnoh
#All the gym will different from other will be a unique way..
#Few from other region
#new routes
#new places to explore
#new evil organisation
#new sprites
#I am planning a different kind of pokemon league contest...I wanna follow up like the series of pokemon where there will be like group stages where the hero will battle all famous trainers from different region until reach the final and win to qualify for elite 4 battle...there will be the commentator where he/she will announced the trainers name and hometown{like in the series}before the match and after the match where he will say the trainer pokemon is unable to battle...hero win...
#I wanna try to change the surrounding of the battlefield..
#I will also be adding a new place call the reverse world where in the movie said girantina home
#All sinnoh legendaries available including shaymin
#The Two legendaries have been decided...It is Darkrai and girantina...The other legendary pokemon will also be in but they do not play a major role in the game..
# There will be a Gracidea Flower that will enable Shaymin to evolve to sky form
#There will be a item called Grisious Orb that enable Girantina evolve to its origin form..
#There will be a item called Night Orb that change Shaymin Sky form to normal form
#There will be another item called Gravity Bond that evolve Girantina to its another form
#All of this item will be sold in a secret place in the game and it will be very expensive,and the trip to the place will be very dangerous.
#There will be two new places called the ShadeSide Town where darkrai can be found
and as i mention earlier reverse world or torn world where girantina is.....

[a id]Screenshots[/a id]


Lotic Village

Route 1,the place of the first event

This map are subjected to change as soon as i get my tile inserted and script,
so this screenshots will not be the final one,i will have new tiles in

Wait for more screenshots in future



[a id]Progress[/a id]

10% to beta 1

Team Between Dimension:
Me-Mapper,tile revamper/making,music inserter,graphic artist
Trebuh-Graphic artist,tile inserter
Mindfreak-Graphic artist
Minime010-Trainer Spriter and o/w
Astar-Scripting help,sprite insertion maybe
AlexAhnon-Whatever i need help with EXCLUDING
I need some more,go to my team thread to check them out

[a id]Support[/a id]
Support Banners:

[a id]Credits[/a id]

Alucus- For the tiles
Alistair- For the tiles
Mervyn- For the Css too
Neo- Wolf - For CSS
Wesleyfg - For the tiles

These credits are real,its just i have not posted the screenshots with the tiles.

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