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Hmm... even before I got into Advanceshipping, when Misty left it didn't bother me at all. It was a nice change I think because I simply didn't like her personality (Remember this is through 10 year old deduction, which is very messed up). Although, I don't remember my thoughts exactly, because I was on a hiatus for new episodes of Pokemon because I never had any idea when or where they aired until after the Jotho League.

But omg, I still remember when I was like 7-9 years old when I would go freakin crazy over watching the original series just because it was Pokemon. I remember I cried once when my mom didn't let me watch Pokemon when it aired during evenings in Cartoon Network like a looong time ago. I can't even bother counting the years. But as I was exposed to the internet and my reasoning developed, my opinions changed. Right now I am simply not 1% of a fan of the original series (1% might be an understatement also, recall that I tantrumed when I didn't watch Pokemon).

Yet, I feel like I grew up without a childhood because it was because of the earlier series of Pokemon contributed with my childishness that I suffered severe bullying at elementary school. All I know is that back then had joy mixed in with the pain of being socially different, and I dropped trying to bother remembering much of those days. Also contributive to why I'm not such a fan anymore and why I have not a positive like for Misty. Of course, I couldn't drop Pokemon alltogether, but after I set my maturity on semi-decent track during Hoenn, I must have just snapped out anything with the original series, because I refuse to look at myself during such immature days.

And, I guess that's my opening thesis on the original series, and how it impacted my life. I guess if I wasn't so different, I'd have a better sense of nostalgia, but for sure my academic situation would not be the same.