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Originally Posted by shihan42 View Post
Where is the forest eevee? I can only find the ones at the casino.
Forest Eevee is in Botan City. Surf along the river there till you get to a house. There are three guys in there: One who says you how to get Leafeon and Glaceon, one who trades you a tyrogue and one (the girl) who trades you the forest eevee. You have to give her Butterfree or Gligar, I´m not sure which one of those both it was...

Oh, and there are other places where you can find Eevee: One is the cave near Seashore City where you also find Entei/Moltres, the other one is the cave on the route near Castro Valley (there´s a river, surf on it!)! On both you can find Eevee!

@Adipasa (or everyone else who also read my last question!): Which one? There are two Eevee you can get for 3000 coins!
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