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Originally Posted by solarowl View Post
im trying it now...
hope it works,
and in the first paint i open up, i was trying bulbasaur(HGSS), and should i change the second or third step in paint to 100% because it got a bit smaller after i did it. also what should the dimensions of the original sprite be? My bulbasaur sprite is small but i made it 64x64. and after i changed it to 80%, bulbasaurs dimensions became 52 by 52
If you're sprite is already at 64x64, you do not need to resize.

Why he put resize to 80% is because 80% of 80 is 64. If your sprite isn't 80, you need to resize it to 64 pixels by 64 pizels

Originally Posted by francisbb View Post
Do you have to put the blue out line on any sprite your doing
If you meant the background, it needs to have a colour at the background that is very different to the ones the sprite uses. Like a very very bright, eye burning pink.

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