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Quote originally posted by solarowl:
im trying it now...
hope it works,
and in the first paint i open up, i was trying bulbasaur(HGSS), and should i change the second or third step in paint to 100% because it got a bit smaller after i did it. also what should the dimensions of the original sprite be? My bulbasaur sprite is small but i made it 64x64. and after i changed it to 80%, bulbasaurs dimensions became 52 by 52
If you're sprite is already at 64x64, you do not need to resize.

Why he put resize to 80% is because 80% of 80 is 64. If your sprite isn't 80, you need to resize it to 64 pixels by 64 pizels

Quote originally posted by francisbb:
Do you have to put the blue out line on any sprite your doing
If you meant the background, it needs to have a colour at the background that is very different to the ones the sprite uses. Like a very very bright, eye burning pink.

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