Thread: Platinum hack: Pokémon Platinum Deluxe
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Originally Posted by Oxnite View Post
I will update with a newer Bèta Version soon!
That's good news, when I saw the "Last edited by Oxnite; May 5th, 2010 at 09:51 PM." bit at the bottom of the starter post of this thread I feared for the worst. I'm really releaved that you're still on this project of yours. I'll make sure to play through Platinum Deluxe when you're done with the new beta release.

I also see that you've already included Zorua and Zoroark from the 5th generation editions. Will we see some others as well? Especially the pokemon with new type combinations, such as Meraruba/Urugamosu and Bachuru/Denchura would be greatly appreciated.